PLEASE HELP!!!! Brake light issues!!!


New Member
Jan 22, 2023
Hey everyone new guy here! I have a 2000 GT Coupe and I’m having issues with the brake lights I have already changed the brake light switch and checked fuses but my issue is I have power at fuse 33 but no power at fuse 41 but if I turn the key on I get 10.5 volts at fuse 41 and 10.5 volts at the switch and I have hyper flash with my turn signals what could be my issue thanks for any help and information!!!
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5 Year Member
Sep 26, 2017
Roy, Utah
You better check the sockets and all the bulbs (first)
You have ground back feeding somewhere
Take all the bulbs out and install just a couple then check it again
When the sockets fail strange things happen sometimes
Check the brake light switch connector for a broken wire (the wires bend back and forth when hitting the brakes)
The wires break inside the insulation