Paint and Body Please Help: Low scratchy (Krrrr Krrrr Krrrrr Krrrr....) sounds coming from right door when I drive at 50mph or up

Martian Black

New Member
Sep 30, 2018
Hi all, I own a 2017 mustang ecoboost premium 19700 mileage on it. I noticed some scratchy sounds (Krrrrrrrrr Krrrrrr Krrrrrrrr...) coming from the right door when I drive at 50 mph or up and the sound goes off when the speed is lower than 50mph. The sound is like the atm machine sounds when it process the cash withdrawal (Krrrrrrrrr Krrrrrr Krrrrrrrr... and it goes on). Don't know what to do. Please need your help and advices. Thank you.
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Apr 10, 2019
Los Angeles, Ca
Not sure about mustang, but same complain my friend had on his fusion and we jacked it up, there was a mud cover covering the front 1/3 of the car and it had a rip which would flutter at high speeds, we straightened it and put a few zipties to stitch it up and it never made that sound again
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