Pony Trails...again


Damn...Tyler65's hot!
May 25, 2003
Vancouver, WA
Just to make sure you dont have to sign up for the trails right? Just show up at Bellvue Community college friday morning and your good? The first wave leaves at 8:30 right? So if you want to run with a certain group you all should get there at the same time? Ok done asking dumb questions. Thanks guys :D

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actually its from evergreen speedway in monroe (inless they changed it this year) bellevue community college is for the judged show and people's choice. There is no signup for Ponytrails, but for the judged show there is a presignup. But for the normal person its just show up and have fun. If you want to cruse down with scott and I from bham you are more then welcome to. Going to be fun bringing out the slowpoke vert again.

viperos said:
let's meet at BCC... it's a good place, where eveyone knows where it is... (granted, if you guys want to do it together this year... there will be a few of us trying to limit the speed to 2 numbers this year :))

As long as you have a map. That should be fine. :rlaugh: :D