Engine Popping at idle, acceleration, immediate start up Hesitation and now doesnt wanna start

Here's the full story:

The clutch blew on my 07 gt and I replaced it along with some long tube headers, O/R h pipe, and custom charge motion delete plates where I sealed the holes myself. The car 3 days after being completely back together started popping and getting worse by the day. It got to the point where it would pop at idle especially on cold starts and felt like it had absolutely no power similar to the time my timing was off. Now the car will barely start without cranking for 5 seconds and holding the gas all the way down. All O2s properly extended, no codes, no vaccum lines broken or loose, no exhaust leaks (if any very very minor), tuned by Lito which he can only say to check all leaks, injectors, coils, plugs. Plugs looked good enough, replaced the injectors, I resecured all electrical connectors for inj/coils with a new tune from Lito, only thing left is to replace the coils which are factory, replace plugs for the hell of it and they had some oil on them, do a compression test, and check the valve train for off timing or broken parts. It's also worth noting that I'm going to get a catch can due to the high level of oil coming out of the crank case. Im kind of at a loss for what could be causing this much of an issue, any ideas?
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Jun 13, 2007

Timing is not off and no broken valve train pieces.
I also forgot to include that the problem started the day I sprayed down the engine bay with degreaser and a power washer from a distance.

Yeah, that's the reason why I won't let water get anywhere near my engine. Too many sensors and sensitive electronics that could get shorted out by water contamination.
Unfortunately without any fault codes as a guide, you'll probably have to go over all the electrics with a fine tooth comb until you find the culprit.