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May 22, 2019
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Hi all. First post in a long time. Just bought a 1996 Mystic Cobra after 4 years of not having a Stang. This is my 8th Mustang and i think it might be a keeper.

Anyway, one of the things I would like to change are the seats. I'm pretty tall and have always found that the seats in the SN95s don't go back quite far enough for me, and also, the leather power seats sit high and feel like you're sitting on a puffy couch. Comfortable, but not great for sporty driving, at least for me.

So I can take two different approaches.
- change from power to manual bracket if that helps get it lower
- change to aftermarket seats that are known to be lower and further back

Before anyone suggests the seat bracket extender from CJs, I already tried that. It moved the seat way back, but also raise it up over an inch and made the seating position too awkward so I uninstalled it.

Does anyone have a successful experience with any aftermarket seats that aren't crazy expensive? What about changing seat brackets?

Thanks in advance guys!
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Apr 27, 2008
I have FX1 pro corbeau seats and their manual rack. Fixed the SN95 silly seating position and SN95 sloppy lateral support. Shaved a couple pounds vs. my leather power seats. Easy install. I daily drive in these seats and have done road trips with no problems. I like to sit upright, like to be firmly planted for spirited driving, and pretty much never adjust my seat - so I picked a fixed back seat. Make sure you pay close attention to the reviews, adjustability, and waist size recommendations to best fit your needs.

I would never go back to stock SN95 seats after experiencing these seats. I’d peruse here to find the best mix of comfort/style that fits your needs:
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