Revving up when starting.


Hungrymonkey's helper monkey
Nov 4, 2004
Wilsonville, OR
My car has done this pretty much since day one. I start the car, it quickly revs up to about 2k then drops back down. No big deal, but this is upon immediate startup, when the oil is sitting in the bottom of the pan.

I figured it might be a throttle position sensor, but I replaced it when I put the new throttle body on. Oh, I also replaced the throttle body, and it still does it.

The strange thing is, it doesnt do it all the time. It does it warm or cold, and so intermittently that I cant nail down what it could be. If I'm driving it hard, or babying it before shutting it off, doesnt matter. Temperature outside doesnt matter. Engine temp doesnt matter. Amount of fuel in tank doesnt matter.

Anyway, it did it all day yesterday, and at least 9/10 times it does it lately. Anyone else have this problem?
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