Shipping from US?


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Apr 8, 2004
Ontario, Canada
:canada: Hey guys, if I ordered parts from an american web-site (say for example), what kinda duties would they charge when I get it shipped over here, cuz I want to purchase about $300 worth of stuff, shipping is supposedly $35ish but Im worried the duties will kill me. Anyone have experience?
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Jun 6, 2000
Yeah the duties are only GST and PST on the canadian value of the goods. Its the brokerage fee and all that crap that really sucks. I am pretty sure that if they ship USPS then Canada Post takes over at the border and no brokerage fees. FedEx and UPS good luck!!!!! Canada Post does add a $5 handling fee but thats not too bad. I also send the big stuff to the NY area and just go pick it up myself. By the way, 50Resto excellent to deal with. I got my carpet, lights and rubbers from them.


Carney Woods

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Dec 29, 2002
Montreal, Quebec
For a product that is made in the USA there is no duty. Just pay the 2 taxes. I ordered a shifter and clutch quadrant from North Carolina once, the shipping was cheap ($30 I think) but UPS sent me a bill for $80.00. So for $300.00 worth of parts I paid $110.00 shipping. I was not happy but I love the shifter...........

Gearbanger 101

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Aug 10, 2002
Ontario, Canada
Whatever you do, just make sure you pay all of the taxes and don't skipping out on them. Not doing so could eventually come back to haunt you. I wrestled with this decision myself, but in the end it's best just to bite the bullet and fork it over. I'll pay taxes on taxes every time if need be just to steer clear of that kind of trouble....No thanks :notnice:


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Jul 22, 2004
You can find some good brokers for cheap. A $5000 shortblock only cost me $35 in brokerage fees. Don't use UPS or Fedex for brokerage, they are expensive. Try ROE brokers or Inland Custom Brokers, it pays to shop around.


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Jan 12, 2002
Alberta, Canada
I have ordered from there before. I would add on 7% for GST and your PST (in our case in NS 15%) duty based on the canadian price and then your brokerage fees . It is the brokerage fees that kill, UPS charges an arm and a leg to do it for you. I belive you can get a quote from them based on the value of the US goods.

In most cases I add on 30% to the price for everything when trying to decide to order from the states or not. In most cases it still ends up being cheaper. :nonono: For little things like brackets and clutch quadrants I just order from canadian companies since it is not worth it. For larger stuff I almost always order from the states due to the price difference.