SN 95 5.0 TPS/IAC starting issue


New Member
Nov 19, 2020
I've had many foxbodys, and many hours under hoods of them. Could anyone just please answer what sound I hear followed by a click which is needed for my car to start. after setting the TPS in which this :leghump:ing car will only start at .98 period why? I would love to know. anyways, I set the TPS in that range and it forces me to play with it and or setting it at 4 volts for this sound of the part like mechanically moves followed by a click. when that happens and the TPS is dead on .98 it will start. Otherwise forget it. I'm lost on what to do here, and I know this may all sound confusing but its the only way I can explain it really. Also, I had to put on the proff products 70 mm adjustable TPS throttle body to help this situation from the start. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT GUYS THANKS!!!!
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