Progress Thread Snow - 93 GT Vert. My first Ford, Mustang, convertible, ...

Loctite Guide - good read:

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A vacuum gauge can be used to help fuel mileage, yeah, I know, who cares about that when you drive a mustang right?
The highest vacuum reading when at speed, like steady highway speed, will get you the best mileage.
At least that is my observation.
Actually that's not really true, I usually have the 'go peddle' matted as often as I can :doh:
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I remember vacuum gauges in some 60's era cars... pretty worthless... Not as worthless as vacuum operated wiper blades though.....
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Did a smoke test today. While it’s hard to tell, the vents of the EGR were leaking. I’m kinda glad as I have some other items I want to buy I’ve been waiting on ;).

What are the symptoms of a vacuum leak in the EGR?


Edit - just looked at these pictures, lol can’t see :poo:. Hahahaha
Alright 565, let’s see what you got. You will be sitting for 10 some days while I can’t drive the car. Do your thing.

Yes - I def applied too much. Next up is that thermostat Allen thing.

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JAA, just read the whole thread from beginning to current.

Great job on all of the updates to Snow! What differences do you feel while driving now with the subframe connectors and the GT40 heads / intake? Are these noticeable improvements to normal driving?