Paint and Body Somewhere to find cheap rear impact absorbers/bumper mounts and a tubular/lightweight bumper?


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Jan 6, 2022
Ive been trying to clean up the underside of my 93 fox and was gonna take the rear bumper support and the mounts/impact absorber to clean the rust and get the underside of the car behind it, but somebody seems to have welded the mounts to the frame of the car (unless its factory?) and im not sure if i can salvage them. I could just leave them but i wanted to find solid ones anyway, except all i can find is super expensive ones, and any tubular or lightweight bumper supports are too. Anywhere I can find cheap ones? (hopefully under 100 for the mounts and close to 100 for the bumper support)
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Warhorse Racing

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Feb 10, 2019
United States
On my 1993 Mustang, what looked like welds around the bumper impact absorbers turned out to be seam sealer. I was able to scrape/chisel it out.

Check out MAF Racing for lightweight bumper supports. They are around $150,