Stupid Car Guy


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Jun 15, 2004
:nonono: :bang: :hail2: Ok everyone did a great job with my last now I have a new one. :( So Driving the car around with the fam.... went and picked up the wifes check...go to leave the parking lot...and the car dies :( and when I try and re-start runs for just a sec..only enough to get to about 1200 rpm...then dies again...if I wait about 10 min it will start but NOT idle ..... once I got it going again it was a lot of powerbraking to get home...I had to keep it above 2000 rpm to keep it I bought a fuel pressure gauge....and when I put the key in the on possion it sometimes gets to 40psi but then goes right back down and it sounds like my fuel pump is running and then there is a click up front near the overflow bottle and then it turns off.... :bang: any ideas? OH and if I keep it above 2000 runs great...anything below that sounds like it is missing really really bad...
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