sunroof question...can you get the piece of weatherstrip/metal...


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Oct 8, 2009
that wraps around the actual glass? noticed its starting to rust a little bit...ive sanded it and im going to por-15 it...i have the rubber part that goes along the outside of the sunroof but not the metal part directly on the glass. thanks
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im not talking about the sunroof weatherstrip (i already bought that) its the piece still on the sunroof after you remove the weatherstrip...its metal and covers the edge of the glass...thanks
Sunroof Trim

Any tricks to getting the sunroof trim off without damaging it? I also installed new retaining clips when I did the W/S. Now the back corners of the sunroof sit high. Should I bend the clips to raie the front and lower the back corners? Also, any other adjustments for proper fit? Fianlly, hs any but used the Fox Restoration's Sunroof hardware kits with the new T-nuts etc>? How is the quality?
i need to buy the retaining clips for the metal trim/band around the sunroof i haven't heard if its replaceable yet...i wire brushed the rust off mine and put por-15 on it (only on the underside) that will have to do until i hear about the ability to change the other piece...i mean in no way is mine horrible just a little surface rust but i would like to change it if possible b/c im weird like