The Car Cover Thread - What You Got?

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Do they make that Motorsport cover for a Coupe?


They list the below as being applicable, but I think a hatch specific cover might look a tad messy for the 83-93 convertibles. The roof profile is more coupe-like as we all know. I imagine coupe would just look a bit baggy back there.

What's the material? Is it a canvas type? Or more like yoga pants? Is the backside soft?
I guess I don't have any skill at describing materials. I don't really know what canvas-type is. I'm thinking that you might call my cali cover canvas. This new motorsport cover is soft to the touch both front and back. It's like a reasonably high stitch-count cloth, but not as high as the stitch-count on the cali cover I mentioned. All of the graphics on the cover are dyed into the fabric... not like stickers that will peel or anything. The cali cover and whatever my other outdoor cover are both make water bead up on top of their fabrics whereas this absorbed water like a towel/cloth would. Kinda seems like maybe the same type of material as a shirt or some sheets/blankets but a bit thicker.

Is that answer adequate? Next time I mess with it, I'll see if there's a tag on it like how shirt tags tell you '50% cotton/50% polyester'.
That’s about what my Onyx cover is like. The underside is a much softer texture to avoid scratching paint by moving it around.


It’s also a stretch fit, like yoga pants for cars. Let’s me enjoy that sexy profile even while covered up.
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