The First Annual CT Street Machines Summer Auto Festival! 6/1/08 The First Annual CT


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Sep 12, 2005
Come spend the day with automotive enthusiasts from all aspects as we enjoy a great day of fun and help a great charity!

We wil have tons of trophies, great food, very cool raffle prizes worth thousands as well as vendors on hand to show off their products and services.

We hope everyone can come out to support the club and our charity for the day!


Come out guys, all makes and models.... It's our Mustang Club putting the event on, so there will be lots of Fords... This won't be like the MU show where they don't allow MN12's....
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5900 miles round trip for me. At 20 mpg thats 295 gallons of premium at average price of at least $4.25 is almost $1300 just for gas!:eek: I think I will pass on this one, good luck with the show though.