The Junk Pyle has moved forward, well sort of

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Sunday update, got the headers, H pipe and tail pipes all together, headers where a strain, only because I kinked my back, happens a couple times a year, did it bolting the brackets to the new TV I had to get because the Sony I bought used just went blank, there was a little storm the night before so :shrug: I'll blame mother nature, not critical just a fact, 'Mom' rules. Anyway we will not get into programming that thing only to say I have a love/hate relationship with tech, Fire TV because we have Prime so why not? I'll tell you why, we have Spectrum and they don't play nice with Fire TVs so can't download the app to watch regular channels. You have to buy a Vevo machine that will do the app for whatever reason, wait, I know the reason, so they can sell you a $60 box that's put together with $5 worth of chineze electronic junk installed. I have to grow back some hair in spots. Did I mention my relationship with tech? Now I got to figure out where Motortrend is, yes they changed sht. Prolly needs an app with a username and password, fun :doh: annnywaaay (in my best Ellen Degenerate voice) about the 'Junk Pyle, full exhaust on, easy. Kinda close to drive shaft but seems like I remember that from before, this is the second (?) time it's been apart and I'm surprised how well it fits :nice:I'll post some picss and a little witty commentary after while. Got to jump on the big screen for that besides I need to find where I left my email, Motortrend is supposed to tell me how to continue watching their channel, I miss RoadKill :(
be back in a few :runaway:

these are the gaskets I used with some copper looking exhaust sealer slathered on

H pipe stuck on, I believe it's an old BBK piece, pretty stout.

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I'm always amazed how well preserved the body is on this junk

Ya, that's the original 'dog bone' hang'n and it's still pretty tight
Now on to this.......

the amazon piece I ordered was riding around on a truck to be dropped at the house for a week, the truck left the center less that 30 miles away and 9 days later it's still riding around between me and Davenport so I cancelled that and got one from
rockauto, cheaper I might add, even with shipping, go figuare
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This thing doesn't even look like it was ever torqued/squished:

Are you certain the mating surfaces are flat?
Yeah, they're flat, well there is a raised bead around the exhaust opening but it looks intact too, it would not surprise me but I don't recall them being loose. I jiz'd 'em up pretty good with that copper looking exhaust goo.
Exhaust and those wire harnesses are done, need final hanging of the harnesses after the lower brace is installed, the back half is loosely mounted with new fasteners and now on to the next thing I need to deal with, the brace bolts to the lower radiator support where the outside bolts for the 'air dam', they used the same weeny 1/8" bolts the air dam uses and that's like using PVC for subframe connectors :nono:
I'm not repairing the minor ( ?) damage just gotta figure how to deal with the front bolts while keeping the air dam, may get one from a Ranger pickup cause, as you'll see mine is all wonky from whatever bashed the support down there.
Pics in a few,
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Before I can button this up I have to deal with this:

kinda crunched up but I ain't fix'n the damage just a little wire wheel'n and brush on some Ospho, some primer and paint.

:eek: OK, so it's a little beat-up, A91what put a Ranger one on his, I'll go back and look, I think I have a part # someplace :shrug:
see those weeny bolts at the ends? That's what someone used as a front mount bolt for the brace, :lol: highly effective! I got some flat metal from lowesdepo so I can put some real bolts there, waiting for Ospho and paint to dry.
Oh, and find that part number :doh:
I believe I have a new Fox air dam that I never installed prior to parting out the '89. You can have it for the shipping cost from me to you if I can find it.
I'll pm you
Well I'm not sure but I understand the ranger piece is wider and supposed to work better?
The description in the LRS ad is inaccurate, not designed to push air into radiator, air flow science ya know.
The description in the LRS ad is inaccurate, not designed to push air into radiator, air flow science ya know.

  • Directs Air Toward Radiator
:scratch: I don't understand. This is what it does :shrug:

Am I going to have to Microsoft Paint this? :D

The air dam increases front surface area under the radiator that helps to create a high pressure zone.

As the pressure in this area beneath the radiator increases, the differential pressure between it, and the pressure behind the radiator, [increases].

This is what cases more flow through the radiator. The radiator itself is an airflow restriction.

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Microsoft can go paint my house :mad:
Maybe some, but it's main purpose is to create a low pressure area behind it, under the engine allowing air in the dog house to escape under the car. This keeps air from 'packing' in the engine compartment or 'dog house', this 'packing' is pressure build up, the build up can come to a point where air is pushed around the nose of the car and not through the radiator and slowing the car down. It can also lift the front end of the car to the point where stability is compromised.
So I'm more 'right' than you. :rolleyes: