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Anybody ever used vinegar to clean rust from nuts, bolts and small brackets?
I'm trying it out now on some on the stuff for the air dam and condenser brackets, I'll show results good or bad. :O_o:
Yes, I have…..

let the bolts soak for a very long time but in my case they still didn’t come as clean as I wanted but it did work to some extent.

After a period of time, Take them out and hit with the wire brush then back to soaking if you prefer.

It works but I wss Expecting them to come looking brand new which didn’t happen. Lol
Line the bottom of a glass or plastic container with tin foil.

Set your rusty pieces on the foil and cover them with white vinegar.

Setup a power supply, and a cathode/anode made of plated or carbon steel (doesn't matter too much what).

Start the power supply up at (I dunno) 12ish volts and limit the current to half an amp or so.

Slowly add baking soda/powder and watch the current increase.

You should see some results pretty fast.
Believe it or not SOS pads work really well for cleaning up rusty chrome.....One would think it would scratch it and I have never had that happen...
Vinegar is cheaper and you can put it around the yard for bugs and weeds. And the neighborhood cats will stay away. Do'n my part for the environment ya know?
And the neighbors too :rlaugh:
we've used steel wool on chrome for years but the bolts ain't chrome :nono:
Readying myself to build a vibrating parts cleaner out of two old vibrating sanders and an old wheel barrow with some sand in it
I have not used one yet, but I see good results from a few guys online
They call the same things ultrasonic parts cleaners if you put some liquid cleaning solution in there
I used muratic acid to clean up some rusty parts. It works good, but you’ve got to coat the parts quickly once they come out of the acid bath, as they will develop surface rust if not coated.

I had some under dash pieces, and hard to wire wheel parts that I soaked in this... 15 minutes for some, 30 for others...
Hosed them with water to neutralize the acid, wiped em with Paint thinner or lacquer thinner, let em dry and gave em a coat of primer... A Very light sanding to give the paint some bite..
2 gallons at Home Depot were around $10? or so... Purchased a plastic storage tub from the same place ( all sorts of different sizes available) to soak things in..
This will not take off paint, it only works on rust...
Worked out very well for me....
No after pics.. So sorry....
:doh: fail !!

I spray'd em down with lube, I'm only using two pairs so :shrug: and you'll never see them.

As good as that is gonna get,
Had to ditch the flat metal I worked so hard on cleaning, painting and drilling holes after about 20 measurements taken. The bolts were just a tad short and I was NOT going back to Lowesdepo, already been there this morning for landscape wood and mulch,

And to prove I drive my junk here is Brand X at work, yeah it's a hard life,

I hate it when someone let's say, tells you a half(?) truth. I was told the air dam was new, it was not only new, it was still in the original package PLUS new, in package radiator to core support fillers AND push pins still in the package :banana:
Now where did I leave that check :thinking:

Lower brace and NEW air dam installed, torqued down, wires hung by the brace and a bolt on the bell housing, Ready to move on to starter and hang,n those wires. It may not run when I'm done but it WILL be nice and orderly.
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That fail was do to impatience, soaked a couple small brackets and they were remarkable, just a soap bath and some paint so I stuck the bolts and stuff again, three days and good to go, I'll see if I got pics, need to do a camera dump.
So that failure turned into a lesson, don't be impatient!!
now I 've cleaned up the lower intake I got on a steal ahhh, I mean deal from another member here, has some port work done, nothing major. Now trying to decide if I'm gonna swap the weeny little baffle to the bigger one from an explorer, is it worth the trouble? This engine has no issues with blow by or oil consumption soooooo??????
I need to deal with the other failure, the pricey tape I used on my wiring harnesses, yes it's coming undone already, what type of tape do y'all suggest?
Yes, it can be a pain to remove. It’s not as permanent as they advertise but it definitely takes some careful effort to remove when it’s used on wiring as not to cut the wire insulation with the razor as you split the tape for removal.
The effort needed to remove it also depends on how many times you wrap it around the same area. Once around your fine but twice
or more and your creating a job to remove it.
The stuff works well but you’re right about thinking of future access for repairs. That will have you cussing. lol
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3M has an elecrtical tape at Home Depot that's ten bucks a roll, Twice the price and twice as good. I did a whole bunch of work with cheap tape and its all splitting. Good thing its on the Jeep I sold
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