Tips for repaint


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May 24, 2002
Looking to get my car repainted next year. What are some tips and things to look for when having it done.

One fender has some rust damage. Should i have it repaired or just buy new fenders?
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Aug 14, 2000
south jersey
Get ready for sticker shock.... do the prep work yourself and find a maaco that can lay down a decent job, and deliver it to them stripped of glass and trim. , a single stage is fine for solid colors and a way less then a collision shop is going to charge , most will hit you with a 6-10k quote on a b/c job that 90% of time most could tell the differences between a decent maacco using a single stage urethane or there b/c for way less. The problem is finding a decent one so ask around at car shows..

As for the fenders I'd find a clean used one before I'd go aftermarket, depends how bad and where the rust is, $50 for a clean used one isn't hard to find around me..
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I dont have that kind of money. What about just the surface, no jambs, under hood, etc?
Any way to get something to last a decade for 2, 3K$ ? I was thinkin single stage, something
I could buff to shine? Basic problem is I want oem dark to go to white or silver w/a double, 2
color, shoulder (where the oem was) pin stripe. Just dont know auto-body costs, processes.
May be I DO need a top clear~