Transmission issues


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May 9, 2024
Howdy! I don't usually take to forms but I decided that this would be a good place to start.

I have a 96 mustang gt 5 speed t-5, one day I was on my way home, while on the freeway I wanted to pass another vehicle so went to do a 5-4 shift and when I pressed in the clutch I heard a thud, no clutch exploding noises after the thud, just a hardy thud. then I lost all gears, it would still go into every gear, even with the car running and not pressing the clutch, the car ran fine, but was acting like I had the clutch pressed all the way down.

I had it towed home and got under it and opened the inspection cover to find the clutch fork weight had fallen off and i thought it was jamming the clutch fork forward so it wouldn't disengage, so I put it back together and nothing changed. The only thing that is weird is that I have a stage 2 McLeoid clutch kit so it is quite stiff, but after this it's no where near as stiff, it feels a lot quicker and more springy and like there's a lump in the middle of the pedal.

Could it possibly be a bad pressure plate and clutch?

I have checked the clutch cable and fork, and that is all moving freely, I just would like a little bit of help in determining what the issue is.


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Without seeing firsthand, i'm leaning towards a clutch issue. I assume the cable didn't fail, but it would need to be something in the pressure plate. Regardless, if you decide to dig into this you'll need a new pressure plate, disk and throw-out bearing anyway, and inspect the clutch fork/cable for damage.

I don't think it's the trans, which is a T-45 Btw not a T5.
It [sounds] like the face of the throw out bearing has sawed/punched through the fingers of the pressure plate.

Is this even possible???? :scratch:
I'm leaning towards that too, it seems like a very real possibility, or it got worn down enough that the fingers were able to slip behind the throw out bearing, im starting to pull it this week, will upload pictures and solution when I figure it out.