TW Track Heat Heads, stockish pistons, small cam....1.6 or 1.7 rockers???


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Apr 12, 2004
Lima OH
Trying to decide what rockers to go along with my heads
they are ported trick flow track heat heads
cam is .498/.512 lift 212/222 duration and 112 lsa (with 1.6 rr's)
.529/.544 lift (with 1.7 rr's)
pistons are pretty much stock forged replacements

note: track heats are pretty much regular twisted wedges with better springs

thanks guys..... this is the last question i will ever ask about Heads, rockers, rocker ratios or my camshaft..... promise :D
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With a .529 lift, you might have some PTV clearance problems using stock replacement pistons. I know FRPP suggests checking clearance on the F303 cam, and it's only a .512 lift.