Twin T57 03 Cobra vs Vortech T Trim N20 347 93 Notch, HCI 98 Z28 vs LS1 RX7 and more!


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Sep 6, 2000
Pensacola Florida
My friend did up the video, I filmed, alot of races on here!

First race is 98 Z28 (the car with the HID's), Forged 347, AFR 205's, decent sized cam, Fast 90/90, Rossler TH350, 3.73's, Hoosier QTP's, Full Suspension vs a LS1 Formula with Heads, Cam, 6 Speed, 9 Inch, etc

Second race is the same 98 Z28 vs a an LS1 Z28 with a 383, Ported LS6 Heads, some cam, TH350, ET Streets or something and they VHT'd their lane. He also has a direct port kit on the car but agreed not to spray.

Third race is SNAFU in the HP Twin T57 03 Cobra, it was making about 16 psi that night, Sulivan Intake, Pump Gas, Hoosier DR's vs Mustang LX Saleen Clone, Vortech S Trim, 347, etc etc, car did like 585 rwhp at Panhandle

The first incar race is the same Cobra vs 97 Formula with Lloyd Elliot Heads & Cam, 75 Shot, 4.10's

The second and third incar races are the same Cobra vs 93 Notch, Vortech T Trim @ 18 PSI, NX 100 Shot, 347, C4, 3.73's, 325 MT Radials. First race the Cobra gets a big jump, Notch catches up, Cobra misses fourth, second race, same thing, the notch gets ahead and Cobra misses fourth. Notch has been 9.2'[email protected] on that setup before and similar et with alot more MPH on more nitrous.

The next race is the 98 Z28 from above vs the 383 Z28 again, we think the Z28 sprayed that pass, he was getting pulled, car got louder and came right by us. The no VHT comment from the 98 Z28 driver is from where they VHT'd their lane earlier in the night hahah

Race after that is the same 98 Z28, same 383 Z28 and an RX7 with an LS1 with Home Ported 5.3 Heads, some 224 Cam (not the TR224 Cam), LS6 Intake, some kind of dr's or something too I think

Next two races are the 98 Z28 vs the LS1 RX7, from a 40, then a lowww roll

Races after that is the 98 Z28 vs 03 Cobra with a Whipple at 15 psi, 560 rwhp from a roll and then from a stop

Was a pretty fun night :eek:
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