Fox Upgrading the Fox Body factory Head Unit and Speakers


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Dec 28, 2020
I always hear people ragging on the Ford OE. I've the 'premium' six speaker and sometimes on the right songs with the right EQ it sounds pretty on point!

What are the odds the reason my drivers doorcard is all jacked up with clips ripped out wasn't the 2nd owner trying to restore anything at all and rather it was them putting in some phat speakers? I still haven't looked into clipping back my vert's rear speaker grille back into place properly.. the passenger one is outta place too.. there's a lot of space back there for gubbins!

I'm rooting for Ford OE paper cones personally. I'll report back when I get to it but either way I'll be keeping the OE equipment. (If it's there!)

I might add something ratchet like one of these underseat active subs.. all any of us want on the drive is a bit of rhythm if we're being honest? I too like to hear all the mechanics whirring about.

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