Interior and Upholstery Using Stock Seat Sliders on Aftermarket Racing Seats


New Member
Jun 26, 2019
Hey all, I am new to the mustang game as well as the forum. So first off, hello everyone!

I recently bought an 89 5.0 LX that i want to put some racing seats into. Today i removed the passanger seat, and took off the stock sliders to see how they line up with the aftermarket seats.

It looks like they will fit pretty easily if i drill one hole in the passenger end of each slider, pretty easy.

The issue i am having is that the stock seat bolt holes are 14" apart in width....and the aftermarket ones are 13.5".

How does everyone solve this problem? I supposed i could bore out one side of the seat rails to get a half in of play, however that doesn't seem like the best idea from a safety standpoint.

Do i have to get a custom bar welded up to widen the over all track a half an inch???

Thanks in advance !
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