V belt crank and water pump pulley diameters


Jan 4, 2021
New Hampshire
I am losing my mind here, I've looked for hours trying to figure out which size V belt crank and water pump pulley to get for my 351w. All I can seem to find for crank pully's are 5.4", which one place says they're under drive pulleys, and others don't mention it... I can't even find what the "normal" size would be. I've found several different sizes for the water pump pulley, from 5.85", which i THINK is the oem size? but others are 6.2" underdrive or 5.4" high flow/overdrive, which i already have a high flow water pump so it feels redundant to overdrive that. Can anyone help me out? the engine is a 79 351w with 4 bolt crank with a drivers side, clockwise, lower radiator hose if that matters, and the only accessories will be alternator, p/s, and water pump
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