Vacuum forming heat shields?


I own a 73 Mustang 5.0/AOD, but this discussion isn’t about that. My question to the innovators here is, has anyone attempted to make a form fitting heat shield, from that embossed aluminum material available? I’ve seen some examples of fold body forming panels, and things like that. But has anyone tried the vacuum bag with mandrill approach, like making a graphic epoxy panel? Just hoping to see examples as well as process info. Thanks in advance for sharing.
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Nothing yet, but I would like to build removable formed heat shields that would fit to the floors, above the mufflers. While it’s not a necessity, like my PS cooler, it’s something I would like to try and build. And using the bottom of the car as the mandrel, using a vacuum bagging method, that would make a very form fitting part. I was thinking two embossed aluminum panels, then add an insulated layer, to form one solid panel. It might be a dumb idea, but it’s my dumb idea, for my adult day care activity.
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Yea, I was thinking both, a cool multipart heat shield, form-fitted to the underside, to deflect the muffler heat, and an interior treatment of some kind. I was crawling under my GLE-350 Mer and they have the coolest looking heat shields doing just that. Just looks so more modern than a bolted-on shield on a muffler than can buzz and get loose. Nothing wrong with those, I just want to see if it can be done and not end up looking like crap.

Thats why I thought vacuum forming, like 30 inches vacuum, would create an execellent shape. Issue is, how to get the underside clean enough so a bag would adhere. Would be easier on a rotisserie. Alas, I don’t have one. I’ve have experience, from tje aerospace industry, with this form of manufacturing. Thanks for the ideas. Steve
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