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Apr 8, 2002
1995 GT, just rebuilt the motor and planned on running the tall valve covers that were given to me with a 1” plenum Spacer. Well, that set-up won’t fit under the hood, or with the alternator, or the SN95 intake elbow, etc…

Scorpion 1.6 pedestal mount roller rockers, Blueprint heads, Explorer intake… pics attached.

From my research the TFS-51411801 valve covers (and add a filler neck) were mentioned as what should solve most / all of these issues, but unfortunately no one that I have found has them in stock.

Any help / insight that can be shared would be greatly appreciated.

Pics with the tall covers and 1” spacer on:

349A8016-275F-4A38-B2F4-99A22A4B8B4D.jpeg 9723C5CC-463E-43E0-A002-E9D27FD84BDB.jpeg 0F32C449-525A-45E0-B130-79223809C658.jpeg

Pics with the tall valve covers and 1” spacer removed:
1CA09958-B998-4B4C-9627-E30620F3D2F0.jpeg 23250C70-81C0-465C-A188-5D1935453FFA.jpeg C409B0DE-FFBD-447D-9C84-F30DFCB09358.jpeg
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May 15, 2018
It’s a real bitch finding valve covers that fit the sn95s. I modified a set of tall trickflow ones awhile back to clear the alternator. From what I have heard the short tf ones clear the alternator, but I’ve never tried it myself.

A few months back the trickflow valve covers were in stock, so eventually they’ll be back again.

Aaron price makes a nice low mount alternator relocation bracket. It will work with ac and power steering, but not the factory smog pump if you plan on running it. Might be an option for you. Then you can run whatever valve cover you desire.