valve stem seal failure?


New Member
May 25, 2023
Just a quick question about valve stem seals. I have a 1967 mustang with a rebuilt 289 v4 that appears to have one or more bad valve stem seals. The engine has been professionally rebuilt and has seen very few miles since being done, however, the car does not get driven much. It actually hardly gets driven at all. There is a lot of snow in the winter here and I travel for work in the summer so, yeah, aggravating situation. In any case, the car is always garaged and I started it up during the extreme winter cold this year to move it and, long story short, it now puffs smoke on start up regardless of how long it is parked, over night or a month. It is acting like a bad valve stem seal but what confuses me is the lack of miles. I do not think the seal was installed improperly because it has been fine for several years. I guess my question is, can a valve stem seal fail from extended lack of use or a start up in extreme cold? I was just looking for some insight before I tear into it.
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