Jul 15, 2019
Wichita Kansas
Okay, been chasing this issue for awhile, previous owner says its a rebuilt t5 with 5k miles on it. After driving it for a few months i was going about 50 dropped it to third and gave it hell. after that i had blown my coolant hose off and over heated. pulled over put it back on, took off and boom. Vibration in every gear, at or around 2krpm. The vibration can be felt in shifter and the gas pedal, also on the floor board by the transmission. The drive shaft is brand new. rear end is in good shape. only shakes underload. u joints are brand new, engine mounts tanny mounts all new. it will not do this vibration in the air. yolk has play in it, (ie, up and down. no back and forth.) anyone have any info please help, kinda leaning towards tailhouse bushing, but not sure if it would cause this. also vibration goes with the rmp of the engine.

Thank Preston Marx​
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