Weird brake light issue

New guy here, just purchased a 04 GT convertible with 71k miles. Got it home and started cleaning it and noticed the 3rd light in each brake panel, 3rd on left side counting left to right and 3rd on right side panel not illuminating with the brake depressed. Running lights work with headlights on, but no brake light on those bulbs. Replaced the bulbs with no luck. Any ideas why 2 bulbs would not work?
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Aug 1, 1998
Churchton, MD
If you're talking about the bulbs closest to the middle of the car on each side not lighting up with the brakes applied, I'm fairly certain that they're not supposed to light up. Just the middle and outer-most bulbs.

The inner-most bulbs are just running lights.
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Feb 18, 2001
yes, those inner segments do not have the brake light. They are just running lights.

A popular mod back in the day was to change the inner sockets to accept the same dual-filament bulb and wire it up so that all three segments light up with the brakes. I did this to my 2003 and liked it so much better (not that I could see it)
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