Welcome Tim!


Aug 14, 2003
Gresham, OR
Tim ballz from Torque Freaks is our newest Stang owner :banana:

Hope you dont take too much crap from your co-workers...their just jealous anyway :D

Hopefully he will give it a better life than it had in my hands :p

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Oh now that is cold Misha!! Glad you found a good home for the stang Jeff, too bad you couldn't keep it though. Maby someday another one will take its place. Now can you get the intercooler for the Escort?? I really think you could whoop up on the Turbo Madness now!!
Sorry for the late reply....Jeff, thanks for the car, I have only driven it a little, but its a lot of fun. It is nice to have a car with some good bottom end torque. I have a nitrous kit laying around I may throw on there, we will see. Once I gets some more money I am planning on running the AEM EMS on it, just to see what we can do on a stang... I have some other small plans for it, like getting the hood painted, gears, etc... I haven't owned a Mustang in 8 years, so it is nice to have one again.. BTW, the guys over here do give me a hard time about the purchase, they are all Jealous :nice: