What Can We Do?


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Apr 28, 2005
Seabeck, WA
Okay, so my uncle [who we're not really close with] is a major drug addict. Apparently, he's had a warrant out for his arrest that none of us knew about.

Well, the cops were out yesterday and searched my grandmother's house WITHOUT a warrant, and maced her dog. She's furious, and we're lookin' for what kind of legal way out we can get these guys on. So- If any of you fellas got any insight, let me know.
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most people dont understand this very issue...if your uncle had/has a known address to your residence, they dont need a warrent to enter if they are invited in....OR, if they believe they saw him in the house either prior to knocking or when you opened the door....best thing is..give him up if you know where he is at, and this type of issue you describe wont happen..truth sometimes is not what people want to hear, but reality at some point will look you in the face so to speak
Actually, he hasn't been staying with my grandma at all. Not for QUITE some time. Months and months. No one was home when it happened, and my uncle was over on the east side of town, with his friends.
If the door was unlocked then they could easily say it was a simple open door check even though they were looking for your uncle. As far as the dog. Well if the dog was threatening towards them then they have the right do use pepper spray on it. I don't think you have much to stand on as far as going after the P.D. He may be a relative and all, but turn him in, and help him get off the drugs. Rehab works!
I have a feeling this thread is not going to be a very productive one.

First off, you probaly do not have much of a lawsuit on your hands. The Police Most likely had Probable cause to search your grandmothers house.
The dog was probably menacing (which dogs are supposed to do) and had to be maced. I would not imagine there are assault laws for dogs.

if you really feel like your grandmother had some great wrong done to her. Then have her speak to a lawyer. But It would probably be a waste of money.