What kind of spoilers for a 1970 sportsroof?

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I'm no expert but I do know that the Mach1s came with both a front chin spoiler and a deck wing. The regular sportsroof did not come with any but I imagine you could add some on as an option.

That being said, there's no reason you couldn't put Mach 1 spoilers on a non-Mach car. I did plus added the rear window louvers. You can order the spoilers from any Mustang parts supplier such as Mustangs Unlimited, CJs, Mustangs Plus, etc...
Actually... the rear wing and chin scoop were also an option on the mach 1 also along with rear window louvers. You can get either of them out of just about any mustang parts catalog. If you do go for the rear wing, get the mounting brakets that bolt into the trunk. This will help you line up the holes you will need to drill. Supposidly the boss chin scoop is a little bigger(i got this one but cannot tell) and definately do not get the fiberglass ones. You will knock it off and end up driving over it someday.