What should I do?


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Mar 27, 2004
Vancouver, WA
Ok so last summer John (SMOKEDYA) and I put the engine and tranny of what used to be John's green 95 (which he and I traded cars so it became mine) into an 88gt. Well, it looked to me that the body had only minor frame damage that could be repaired no big deal maybe 1500 bucks or so right? Well I took her in to have the thing looked at to see what it would cost to repair this damage and now the guy is telling me that it will likely be a much greater expense...see the car drives great but the door doesn't open quite right and there are some gaps in between body panels on the driver's side. Also the driver's side wheel is slightly pushed back...Well the guy at the shop says that the car is most likely unsafe to drive at high speeds, so I am afraid that if I keep driving it, that the car is going to fall apart on me on the freeway and I am gna die or something! this all seems really crazy to me because looking at the car it looks not bad at all..
So what should I do, I have an essentially useless body with a 60,000 mile 302 in it with thousands into the motor and tranny and I lack the know how to pull her out and part out the thing....I am sure that John won't want to go through the project of pulling everything back out with me, so I am kinda stuck here...I would be willing to sell the car but I'd want to do it as a whole, but whomever buys it must know that the front end looks fine, but it IS NOT FINE!..
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I know hindsight is 20/20, but... you should have gotten this junkyard fox checked out prior to doing the engine/tranny swap.
As far as "thousands into the engine and tranny" I will reply with "no comment." I know John builds some fast race cars, but dude...
How much additional expense did this body shop guy quote you to fix the fox? That monetary number will sway my opinion one way or the other.
What I am saying is I PERSONALLY have thousands into the motor and tranny in addition to the value of the parts...in mods alone yeah it is a bolt on car with a really beefy tranny..that is all...
About the body shop guy he said it is a can of worms...He cannot possibly quote me a price but it will be tooo much
Brian get ahold of me we can work somethng out? for pulling the motor and tranny? Your right and i hate to say it but the chasis is not to good but would be ideal for a drag car possibly? Did you take it to vancouver frame ? I was thinking it was worse then it looked when i was installing the combo for you, and that must of been the reason for all the diffaculties i/we were having with stuff? peace