What sort of parts do you guys have squirreled away that could be $$ down the road.


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Feb 18, 2001
I'm sure some of you guys have some parts stashed away...either intentionally or unintentionally.

There's always the chance that 20 years from now something might be hard to find, so what do you guys hold onto with this in the back of your mind?

I've got a few things that i've come across that really don't have a value now, but they might down the line.

-Air silencer. I know this is a stretch, but i can't bring myself to toss mine out.

-My original '88 red dash...prob a 10 out of 10. Nobody wants to buy it, too nice to chuck in the trash...maybe 20 years from now a mint red dash will be worth something to someone doing a resto?

- Clean stock 5.0 HO intake manifold. Yeah i know they are common as hell though. I kept this because the upper is polished by me. Will look good on the garage wall one day.

-Pair of '04 Mach 1 tips cut off @ 50 miles. Bought them to put on the '03 GT i had, but went to an aftermarket cat-back instead. Tried to sell, nobody wanted them...now i'll just hang onto them since I'd imagine it will be hard to find brand new OEM rolled tips from Ford one day.

- 1 brand new Bullitt wheel NIB. Bought it for my '03 GT to replace a curbed wheel. Traded car in before swapping wheels. Tried to buy 3 more new ones to put on my Fox but found out they are discontinued from Ford. Was kinda hard to sell without 3 other wheels, so i'll sit on it cuz it looks pretty in the box.

-Boxes of misc Fox switches, and trim peices...all worthless today...but 20-30 years from now who knows.

I'm sure some of you guys have better stuff stashed away. Orig '93 Cobra wheels? Fox Saleen Stern wheels? Etc?? :shrug:
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Air silencer, figure down the road when people start restoring these they will be worth something. Actually I have all the factory air inlet stuff. I've got a saleen wing aomewhere that I can't seem to sell.
Various interior pieces. My back seats will be wrapped up and stored(misty because I'll want them back eventually)
I honestly think a lot of original parts will be worth something to restorers down the road
I actually wish i kept the Black cloth GT Sport seats I had in my LX. They were in MINT shape. Every set i've seen for sale has been ratty and people still ask $400 or so for them.

Unfortunately I was in the middle of my project and needed funds and selling Mint black seats was easy as pie. Now i wish i just bagged them up and stashed them in the corner of the basement.
I don't have many stock parts on my Fox, but I also don't like to hang on to extra parts for very long. The only things I've kept are my stock grey tweed GT Sport seats. They're in mint conditon, bagged and tucked away in a closet. I've listed them for sale once (when I bought my house and sold off most of my spare parts). When the buyer flaked on me, I decided to bring them with me and just keep them. If I found someone that I thought would treat them well, I'd sell them tomorrow.
94-95 5.0 accessory brackets,with bolt.
as far as i know,their unique to the 5.0 of those two years.

They are, but there's an explorer alternator bracket that's almost identical. It still fits the 5.0 motors though as the bolt patterns are the same everywhere.

Those can sometimes sell for over $100, not too bad if you find that one-in-a-million buyer. The PS/AC bracket is worth considerably less. FWIW I buy them both often for refinishing between $15-30, so the deals are still out there.

As far as me, I don't have much. I have my convertible trunk net and felt trunk liner. I removed the liner so I could have more room to build my system into my trunk, but if I ever remove or change that I'll need the liner again. I also have a baby seat seat belt attachment still sealed in the package. It came w/the car when I bought it so I just tossed it in a box for who-knows-what. I think that's it, I tossed, gave away, or sold the rest to eliminate clutter.
i have atleast 20 headlight and hazard switches maybe they will be worth something in the future.4 sets of 87-88 t-top glass two of which are mint.two sets of asc mclaren door armrests from 87-90 should go up in price in another 20 years.
Oh, i forgot. I also have a OEM sunroof storage bag. :)

I keep that in the car however, even though i don't use it. When i take the sunroof out, i just leave it in the garage
-My original '88 red dash...prob a 10 out of 10. Nobody wants to buy it, too nice to chuck in the trash...maybe 20 years from now a mint red dash will be worth something to someone doing a resto?

I must be the only guy on here looking for a red interior. If anyone has a full red coupe interior... the wife wants it in her 90...

I have entire 5.0 cars lying in wait. Kinda there to part out, but then again not really....
Have three Mustang parts cars, two four banger hatches and one 5.0 Notch. Also two turbo coupes. About five 302 blocks, and one 351. Around a dozen sets of heads. A 2.3 engine, harness, spare T5 for a 2.3, and a leftover A4LD. AOD, a C5 and a C4. bunch of interior stuff. Complete 79 Pace Car front fascia. Spare T top glass. Several of the priceless 302 two barrel intake manifolds! Several sets of rims, including a bunch of TRX's.

Guess the TRX's will become the rare and expensive parts, sorta like Boss 429 smog equipment or something.