Whats the name of the type of Roof Corvettes?


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Sep 28, 2003
Indianapolis, IN
Whats the name of the type of Roof Corvettes have?

I was thinking and i couldnlt think of the name that i saw a couple stangs had. Its the roof like they put on Corvettes thats like half convertible have hard top. Just the portion over the two front seats is actually gone out of the roof.

I think it starts with a t____????

any ideas?
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RydeOn said:
Hell yea I saw a Stang with a custom targa top at the KNotts show this year. It looked so good. I love them targa tops, I wonder how come Ford doesnt stick them on.
I saw that car too. Looked very nice. Although, I think a targa top looks much better on a foxbody mustang because of the straight roof line. That red new edge that nmcgrawj posted just looks a little like something is missing. Just brace that body up good to keep it from twisting like a pretzel on a hard ass launch. :spot: