Who is buying one?


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What are looking for or what are you ordering????

Inquiring minds want to know :O_o:

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Not me, I think the 24's are hideous. I like some of the new tech but I can't get past the awful look of the car. I don't even like the 18+ refresh on the S-550's.
I feel ya. My current late model favorite is the S197 CS:


I'm partial to blue but these get me as close as I'd ever come to buying a red car:


This one needs tint :O_o: Love the wheels and spring kit tho

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It looks to much like a Slow-maro. Although, one might consider buying one and hiding it away in the back of their garage because odds are good it might be the last V8Mustang, which will make it highly collectable in a few years.
I would like too....but both my wife and I are due new Daily Drivers. Cant stuff 3 kids into the back of an S650, so Explorer ST is what i'm looking at.

I like the way Ford is taking the Mustang. Wasn't a fan of the 05-'14 Mustang, but the S550 and S650 have my attention
Explorer ST is what i'm looking at.
I have one. Throw a custom tune, a bigger intercooler and an E30 mix and hold on. I did those mods to mine an my best .25 mile time is a [email protected]3 mph and a 3.75 0-60. It's quick as hell, especially for a 5K lb SUV. If you get one, come on over to https://www.explorerst.org/ and join up. I learned a lot about my ST from them.
2019 is about as new as I would go. To many electronic nannies that I despise on the newer cars. Of course it would have to be the Bullitt Edition in Hyland Green. Then I would do the unthinkable and take the 6 speed manual out and put a 10 speed auto in it.
The only other mods I would make would center around weight reduction instead of power mods.
I managed to convince my dad to consider the Dark Horse. He was itching for a new Vette but didn’t like the pricing. We shall see if this really happens but he wants himself some sort of retirement sports car. A new S650 might fit the bill.