Who sells 85/86 moldings? Cant find any vendor that actually replies to my requests


All my crevices are greased.
Oct 22, 2004
Arlington, MA
Who sells 85/86 moldings? Cant find any vendor that actually replies to my requests. I actually have them all already but I ruined 2 trying to take the metal backing off. They ripped apart since the rubber was so soft from the shop lamp I was using to heat them. I black rtv'ed them together but they look like they've been black rtv'ed together.

I left the backing on the door moldings and they look like ass, all wavy and curling off the car. My frustration cannot be expressed. The car looked great with her new paintjob then I put the moldings on and now it looks like poo.

:bang: :bang: :bang:

I cant seem to find anyone who carries the rubber moldings! Lots of folks carry the plastic ones but no rubber....

hey.....can you flip the plastic ones and put them where the rubber ones were? That would be convenient.

Any 4 eyes restorers here?
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I've been looking for the same things and I think I've found a solution but have not tried it yet to verify it. 50resto has the moldings for 87-93. I believe that they are the same length as they are for the 86 (this is tha part I have not comfirmed). They won't say "GT" on them.
No....I still have my old 91 moldings...complete with 4 layers of peeling paint. The stripe is different. The 85/86's have a double stripe near the bottom. The later ones have a big bar impression along the mid-upper part of the molding.


I suppose I COULD try replacing all 6 rubber moldings with the 91 versions and then there would be continuity in the nose.....continuity in the tail and a different continuity in the midsections.....wonder how that would look....

A plague on the idiot who put metal backings on the rubber moldings!
like andy said, call 50resto and see if they can help ya out. if they cant, they might be able to refer you to someone who can.
you could do a Ford dealer, but they are gonna rape you with no reach around either :(
95GTAODE said:
Please think long and hard about that aero swap! If you really want an aero car, get one. Don't kill off another 4 eye.

*waves bye to four eyed part of car* lol nope i love my car even the 80's interior lol plenty of performance now it needs style.. and no one makes a bumper cover for it that i like anyway..
D347643 said:
hey nemesis im gonna kick your ass if you change to an aero front.

... and I'll disown you!
crazypete said:
A plague on the idiot who put metal backings on the rubber moldings!

Your moldings are still good! I had the same problem. Know what works to make them good as new? A linoleum heat gun. Heat up the metal strips by moving the gun so it does not melt the molding. Then get a needle nose pliers and start to peel the metal up, kinda like a sardine can. This takes awhile but you will get all of the metal strips off and they will lay flat. Then use some heavy duty 3M tape and bam, back on they go. Did it to my 86 and my friends 88. So I know this method works for both cars.
I ripped the @#$^%#$@% door moldings off last night in a fit of anger after trying to $#% crazy glue them to the door to get them to stop being wavy

Surprisingly, the paint had not a chip and the foam pulled away 90% on the molding.

I used a 400 watt shop light till they were piping hot (I neded gloves). Problem is....by the time the strips get hot enough to come off the rubber, the rubber is pretty soft. I ripped my DS GT 1/4 molding almost in half in the blink of an eye.

I'm gonna operate on these.

BTW..... who sells 3m tape (?!?!?) I've looked and looked and nobody actually has it in an online store. All I get is dealer references. Autozone doesnt have it....

That ebay guy is a tard.
Oh...and about the aero swap....

You're gonna do it anyway, I know, doubly so since people are goading you not to and you'll be happy for a year or so cause we're always happy when a project is done.Then you will start to realize that your car looks EXACTLY like everyone else's. Just another mid-90's bubble aero car (no offense to my aero peepz. I've had 2 and loved them both). I can see 3 aero mustangs drive by the train station every morning. I see a few more on the roads day by day but the 4-eyes is a real rarity and makes me turn to look. Isnt that what this is about: the own something unique that turns heads?

Plus those things are becoming collector's items so you are shooting yourself in the foot if you ever want to sell. You could ask a LOT more for a good 4-eyes, to the effect of an extra 2K.

But you'll do it anyways so please do the "community" a small favor and take the older panels/moldings off with care so nuts like me can come along, buy them from you and do aero->4eyes swaps with the parts.