Who will be the first to release aftermarket parts for the 2011 6 cylinder and 5.0

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Apr 7, 2010
Toronto, ON
Good question lol:shrug:

..There are Mustang part related sites tho that have listed some of there parts as 2010-2011 because they fit both.

I know Roush, Lethal Performance have done that for some of there items..but in terms of whole new parts all together like intakes, superchargers, springs etc will have to wait and see.:nice:
Steeda always has parts immediately due to their inside development with ford.

Looks like lethal performance has several suspension bits and a the shelby wing as well as exhaust pieces.

I'd assume gears, LSD and axles are the same as previous year. also read that the drive shaft is a bit different in the new 6 speeds so a custom built DS would be required if you're after that.


Mar 23, 2010
MMR Racing already has a bunch of parts available, including an intake that does not require a tune with it. This is the same company that was the first to get the 2011 GT into the 11's, and is working on 9's in the quarter.


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Mar 29, 2010
ya mmr has a cai but $399? thats alot!

The most I found is evoperform.com and planetmagnaflow.com has the most and cheapest exhaust for 2011

evoperform.com has a tuner avail for pre order
$400 for an intake is actually about the norm.

They're never cheap when the competition is all that price.

These intakes aren't hard to make at all, ESPECIALLY now that the 5.0 has a circular throttle body opening. I'll be making mine whenever I snag a 5.0.

It's the MAF housing that usually is the critical piece. If you can get the maf housing just right, that's the key.

In this article

C&L Air Intake System for the 2011 Mustang

It says how the maf apparently operates differently on the 5.0's so it doesn't require a tune.

check it

(just guessing on the diameter of the intake hose.. it could be 3.5 or 4".. whichever, there are those sizes as well.

A few of these

cxracing.com: 3" Straight Silicon Hose, 3" Length, 3 layer


cxracing.com: 3" L-Bend Aluminum Pipe, Mandrel Bent Polished, 2.0mm Thick Tube, 18" Length

And this (which out flows K&N, Greddy, HKS and every other brand and DOESNT use oil or need re-oiling)

Amazon.com: Fujita F5-300S Super Flow High Performance Air Filter: Automotive

And you've got everything needed for an intake for what... $80~$90 with shipping for the various parts..

All you would have to do is possibly add something like this (this just used as an example, could be a bigger size) if there's a vacuum line or two attached to the intake pipe

Amazon.com: BARB-5/16X1/4-BOX/10: Automotive

I saved almost $1000 building my own full length intake and turbo intercooler piping myself. Works like a champ

I think the biggest question though is going to be if the stock MAF is actually PART of the air box or if it's a small section that can be removed and re-used on the cold air kit or not. If it's part of the air box, I'd try to swing a deal with MMR to see if they'd sell you just the MAF housing for like $100 or so and then use your own piping/filter. You'd still come out WAY ahead.

Also worth noting is that there may be room below the factory air box to add another 90* pipe leaving the MAF (INLET) pointing the filter down around the bumper for cooler air.


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May 6, 2002
Durham, NC
That all looks ok except the pipe. I personally would wait a while to see what K&N releases as far as an FIPK. I agree building your own would save a ton of money, I just wouldn't want to use a plain 3" polished pipe, I'd prefer a black one.

Plus as more competitors come to market, prices will fall, dynos will be done, and the data will start to drive purchases. Hopefully this leads to some of the big boys lowering prices when they see the little guys making stuff just as good at a fraction of the cost.

I am sure all the usual players will be around within 6-12 months and have a robust lineup. Let's hope Ford hangs onto the engine for at least 3-4 years so we can see some real development.
I agree the black would look better with the black engine cover. CX does powder coating for a few bucks more though.

It'll be interesting to see who's intake can deliver the most power without needing a tune. That'll be the real deciding factor though I suspect they'll only have a few hp (at the most) difference between them


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May 30, 2009
Perhaps Ford will use typical after market ideas on the 2012

I just bought a 2011 V6, candy red Mustang with the Pony Pkg; it is quite a car. I, also, kept a highly modded 1995 6 speed Camaro Z28 with 400HP. So i, now, have a daily driver and a hot rod. I like individualizing my car a bit.

Many of the changes in this 2011 Mustang came from after market engineers. I traded a 2006 Mustang, Pony Pkg in and there is no comparison between the two ponies. The 2011 handles like a Ferreri and stops like one too. Except for the exterior mirror adjustment there is no similarity. BlueTooth, 305 stock HP, 6 speed, Handling improvements and Sync are so advanced that I feel foolish having spent $19,000 souping up the Camaro.

Because of size differences and Ford connections the after market will make some creative improvements. Alan Mullali, Ford's CEO, is from Boeing and demands cutting edge engineering. He made the engineers and designers at Ford push the edges of the envelope. His staff understands enthusists and demands performance. The best concepts from Asia, the after market, aerospace, information technology, Silicon Valley and European auto manufacturing are baked into the 2011 Mustang.

Continuous improvement means he'll put more good ideas, styling and technology into the 2012 models and that may mean SEMA suppliers will reduce offerings. I won't be foolish again and spend so much modding when I know next year's Ford will be better from jump street. So I am happy with America and my new Ford. If the next year's car is a quantum leap forward like the 2011 was, I'll trade up if it makes financial sense to do so.