Why do I have to start my car 3-4 times to get the fuel pressure right??

I put some miles on my new blower today...Runs great. but after it sat for about 2 hours, I started it back up and noticed the fuel pressure was only like 15psi on my gauge... Knowing that normal pressure is around 30, I shut it off, and restarted (always allowing the T-Rex time to prime itself) STILL 15psi...off, on, off, on, off, wait... restart and FINALLY its normal ~30psi...
What the F? What would cause this?

Since the Vortech provided FMU only operates when under boost, and once I get the pressure, it runs great...it would have to be the stock fuel pressure regulator, right?
Could it be a problem in the T-Rex (even though I hear the noisy-a55 thing running??)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
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