Fox Wiper motor ,freaky snowstorm in Vegas.wipers slowed then crapped out just as i pulled off parkway.


WAIT,you now have a pair?
10 Year Member
Apr 3, 2009
Ok I guess I'm lucky.We got snow in Vegas and when I left work it was pileing up on the parkway.wipers on my 92 were going slow all the way home.just as I exited they shut off . I checked for power at connectors and it was good,tapped motor with bfh and went on. Not telling safe with 26 year old motor,I went in search for new one.Well over a Hundo is a lot a wood to chop. Found new a1 Cardone on amazon for sixty something.But delivery is two weeks out,so while I'm waiting ,pic a part to the rescue.93 escort same motor just 12 bucks with 30 day warrentee.So when new one arrives I'll switch out and have spare one.
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