WTB/Trade WTB 17x9.5 FR500 wheels(2)

D!rty B!tch

Jan 20, 2022
WTB two Chrome 17x9.5" FR500 wheels.

Recently i picked up two 17x10.5 Chrome FR500's,,,,,, and now i cant find any 17x9(9.5)" for the front.
I'm trying to avoid buying NEW if i can find a good deal. I am looking for two(2) Chrome 17x9 or 9.5". Prefer to do a local pu in KY or S. IN. But I'm not totally against shipping, if the rate is reasonable. Good tread, no tread, doesn't matter.
I'm located close to Ft. Knox Ky.
Sorry no posted pics. My PC doesn't have pic stored.
It's going on my 95 GT if that matters.
Thx for looking, let me know if y'all got a pair for sale.