Young Buck Trying To Fix His Stang - Suspension And Fuel Sensors


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Jan 6, 2017
Good morning all!

I have been a lurker here for a while but finally decided to make an account and post. I need some assistance. My girl, a satin silver 2005 V6 convertible, is out of commission until I get her inspected. I've done some minor work on my car myself with the help of youtube, this site, my father, and google, but I need some assistance.

My local shop quoted me at $2285 to fix and inspect her so I would like to try and knock out some parts by myself. I also found that they are charging $1290 for parts alone which I found I can have all of the parts ordered and shipped brand new online for $650. A brief overview of what needs to be fixed according to the Work Order the shop provided me.

-Front right suspension
- Inner tie rod end
- Wheel Hub Bearing
- Lower Ball joints

- Fuel Sensor (CEL)
- Fuel Level Sender and Pump Asy - Part Number: 7R3Z-9275-C
- Fuel Level Sensor Asy - Part Number: 7R3Z-9A299-C

- E-Brake Work
- Brake Cable - Part Number: BCA660767
- E-Brake Cable - Part #: BCA66087

My Questions:

Can the fuel sensor work be done by taking out the back seat? I was told that there might be a hatch I can work through instead of dropping the gas tank.

Also, is the Fuel Level Sensor assembly a part of the Fuel Level Sender and Pump Assembly? I ask because I believe the sender and pump assembly is the entire system whereas the sensor is just a part of that system. I believe that the sensor is part # 4 on the diagram below. I just wanted to make sure because the Work order says it needs both, but if the sensor is part of the Sender and Pump unit, why order them both?

Also included is a picture of my baby. A V8 is on the list for a graduation present to myself in 2018..
fuel sensor.jpg
fuel pump unit.gif

Thank you to all who can lend a helping hand! I really appreciate it and look forward to learning from this forum and hopefully be a contributing member!

Thank you,

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You'll have to drop the tank to replace anything having to do with the fuel pump. And, unfortunately, on these cars the tank straddles the driveshaft so if you can't get it down and back far enough with the suspension at full droop, you'll have to disconnect the driveshaft. Not a huge deal but make sure you mark the flange where the driveshaft bolts up so you can put it back on the same way (otherwise it will be out of balance). I like to use spray paint for that, quick and easy.