1. B

    For Sale 1986 Capstang (Part Capri & part Mustang) $12,000 Galena, Ohio

    Life happened - need to sell. Virtually a new car mechanically. All new drivetrain (except driveshaft), suspension (except spindles & K-member), steering (except rack), and brakes. New tires. All new nuts and bolts throughout. Uncatted exhaust. 1992 Mustang GT hatch & taillight panel. Less...
  2. P

    Project 86 - A second life, maybe a third.

    Hello all - Quick intro on me - Been in the Mustang game for a long time and I'll likely be in it until I'm gone. Life happens but here are some of the Mustangs and Ford products I've owned over the years, all are gone except project 86. 1990 LX 5.0 Pewter I believe the color was. Automatic -...
  3. 8

    Interior and Upholstery Restoring the Door Panels On Destiny the '86 GT

    I'm restoring the door panels on my '86 GT convertible. The door panel vinyl is in great shape, but like most of these foxes, the cardboard behind the vinyl and carpet has warped due to water damage. This also affected the door panel carpet, so that will be replaced as well. Someone before me...
  4. B

    1986 3.8L alternator upgrade

    Hello all, I've got a 1986 3.8L Convertible Mustang LX that I'm looking to upgrade the alternator on. I'm not looking to do a 5.0 swap on it, but want to update the alternator with a 3G one. I've found a couple of different ones online but I'm having trouble understanding the wiring. I'm not...
  5. Noobz347

    What's it Worth? 86 GT Restoration

    New Hardware New seals New weather stripping New window motors Door framing removed and repainted Lead removed form C-pillars The interior is in progress and will be finished. The car came with Canyon Red interior and is being converted over to the Gray: The...
  6. Willybill32

    Help with '86 HVAC Control Unit

    The Forum users have been helpful with other questions on my '86 Mustang, so here's another request for help. My '86 GT is up and running, and now we're working on the A/C system. The evaporator coil, accumulator and all lines have been replaced, leaving only the compressor and condenser coil...
  7. B

    Please help, buying 86 GT

    Hello guys, tomorrow I'm taking a look at a 1986 GT fox body I wish to buy. This is the ad for it. What do you guys think?
  8. G

    1986 5.0 fuel pump not priming

    I have an 86 which won't start. I have replaced the fuel pump relay under the driver seat, wouldn't start so I replaced the fuel pump because the wires looked rough. The car ran for about three days before it was back to not starting. The fuel pump won't prime, I have found the EEC relay inside...
  9. Trent B

    Engine Stall After New Battery

    Whats up guys, I have an '86 GT I bought back in October. The battery it came with was almost 7 years old, so it needed to be replaced. The 86's call for a size 65 battery. And for whatever reason the lrevious one was bigger (I forget what size) Anyways, I put the new battery in, and the car ran...
  10. Trent B

    1986 Gt Shut Off/fuel Pump Issue

    Hey what's up guys, Im new to the forum here. So here's my dilemma. I have a 1986 GT 5.0 That keeps shutting off. You start the car up, it runs fine, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for a few seconds. Sometimes it will shut off on its own, sometimes it will happen if you press the...
  11. 1986oxfordwhite

    1986 Gt Runs For About 45 Mins Dies, Cools And Restarts Again?

    I have a 1986 mustang gt 5 speed and recently it has been starting fine and running great for about 45 mins to and hour then all of the sudden it will completely die, after I let it sit for a few minutes it usually starts right back up dies again a few miles later then starts again? If anyone...
  12. Noobz347

    Powerdyne BD-11 Install - M-6066-A50/A51/A52 Installation Instructions 2017-03-20

    Powerdyne BD-11 Install - M-6066-A50/A51/A52 Installation Instructions
  13. jrichker

    Help me create the "Surging Idle Checklist"

    Updated 05 July 2022 to add rough idle when cold and smooth idle when up to normal operating temperature. See the EGR tech information, section #15 for more help. Many of you are familiar with the "Cranks OK, but No Start Checklist for Fuel Injected Mustangs" checklist and the No Crank...