1986 5.0 fuel pump not priming

I have an 86 which won't start. I have replaced the fuel pump relay under the driver seat, wouldn't start so I replaced the fuel pump because the wires looked rough. The car ran for about three days before it was back to not starting. The fuel pump won't prime, I have found the EEC relay inside the passenger kick panel, is there any way to test if the relay is bad. If not does anyone know the part number. I have been trying to find one, its a four prong relay but the female connection has a fifth slot. Can I use a fuel pump relay, when I go to the auto parts store all the can pull up is the five prong relay for the fuel pump.
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Before you start buying stuff go to the 5.0 tech/how to thread, here's a link,
this was put together by one of the greatest minds in stangnet history and it keeps you from wasting time and money, read it through once to get familiar and do the steps one by one and you'll be pulling wheelies in no time. Well maybe no wheelies but you can tell people you did.