1996 mustang gt

  1. F

    Help with starting a 1996 Mustang GT that hasn't been started in 6-7 years

    Hey guys, so I saw a red mustang GT sitting on a ranch where i hunt and got interested in it, contacted the owner and he told me that the 1996 4.6 V8 was swapped with a newer fully rebuilt 2001 mustang GT 4.6 engine with new parts at that time(2012-2015), new clutch and some other parts(cant...
  2. G

    What’s this transmission part called?

    There’s a 1 5/8 inch hole under my transmission near the oil pan and I need to find a stopper to seal it. Can someone help me find it??
  3. S

    1996 4.6L SOHC 5-speed

    Hi. I have been having some issues with my 96 GT. It’s been running really rough. I checked out the codes on the computer. Given there was no check engine light on. Number of codes came back like P1101, P1124,P1116,P1151,P1132. As well as communication error with the ecu. The code was P0605...
  4. thatrioredgt

    Progress Thread Help 1996 Mustang Gt Pi Bullit Swap

    Hey everyone my names Jack i just joined the forum hoping to get some help on an upcoming swap i’ll be doing in my 1996 Mustang Gt. If I have posted this in the wrong place i’m sorry in advance. I am looking to get a PI motor for my car because the non-PI motor in my car decided to blow a head...