1. rx79gez8gundam

    1996-1998 4.6L SOHC Engine Harness Connector C210 Pinout

    I spent several hours searching without luck for the 42-pin C210 engine harness pinout without luck. Since I ultimately had to trace each wire by hand I decided I would document my work for future reference and post it if anyone else needs it. I have a new edge harness I will also trace when I...
  2. R

    Whats up! I'm new to the forum!

    Hey what's up everyone! New to the forum. Looking to gain more insight into Mustang restoration. Currently own a Triple Black 1997 Mustang GT convertible (Automatic) . Owned it for about 8 years and I think it's time to put some serious work into it. Was lucky enough to have this as my first car...
  3. D

    Help!! Stock Audio Problems

    I have the stock audio for 1997 mustang GT with a after market head unit. I was driving the other night and out of no where I lost all bass in every speaker. I tried to change the head unit but that didn't work. I have no idea what can make me lose all my bass in every speaker.
  4. B

    Blown Head Gasket = Cracked Or Warped Head?!?

    I just brought my 97' V6 into an auto shop for a motor swap with a 95' After a little extra work and a lot of an extra shop charges, it's now been discovered that the 95' has a blown head gasket. (Something the Craigslist seller didn't mention when he sold it). But the mechanic at the shop is...
  5. B

    My Mustang Motor Swap

    Hello. Am I able to swap out my blown 1997' 3.8l engine (with high miles), with the motor of 1995' 3.8l? And if so, then what exactly needs to be done with my 1997's original computer so that it recognizes and is compatible with a 1995 engine? I appreciate any attention given to my question...
  6. F

    Progress Thread Is This 1997 Mustang Cobra Worth It?

    I've been looking for a project car for a while but haven't had any luck finding one. Until I came across this 1997 Cobra. I don't know much about mustangs especially the cobras, this is actually my first time ever posting on any kinds of forums. If anyone could give there honest opinion about...