2000 ford mustang

  1. S

    2000 Mustang V6 wont start

    Hello, my car was running fine and I was lazy so I disconnected my battery to clear my ECM codes as I have done before. When I plugged the battery back in the odometer showed all dashes, the security light came on and now it only cranks. The OBD2 port also doesn't seem to work anymore. I should...
  2. C

    2000 Mustang - Which torque converter do I need? (Still learning)

    Hello all! I have a really worn down 2000 ford mustang that I have little choice but to repair at this point. I have a friend that will help me out with a junkyard transmission job (because I'm too afraid to royally mess something up myself and this is my only vehicle so it needs to run or I'm...
  3. H

    Help! mass airflow sensor

    Well I don't really know if its the M.A.S. I will explain my problem now: When I accelerate the car start to hesitate like its low of fuel but only when its waiting at a red light, I guess that was the air filter so I change it for a new one, after I try the car without the air filter and works...
  4. I

    2000 mustang swerving in rain?

    So sorry if I seem like a moron posting this but i'm not familiar with cars at all but this seemed like the best place to go for the topic. So basically my 2000 base mustang swerved uncontrollably when it was rainy a decent amount. -It happened once when i was making a left turn and another...
  5. N

    New person here, engine replacement ‘00 Mustang

    Hello all, I’m needing to do an engine replacement in my 2000 mustang, it currently has the 3.8L V6, and I have the option of a 4.0 v6 from a 07 Mustang, aim trying to find out if it can just bolt in or what’s all I might need to make this his happen quickly since this car is my only daily driver
  6. Caydink1998

    2000 Mustang V6 Shaking

    i don't know much about cars this why I come here for help, well just this morning I woke up had to drive somewhere and I turned my car on and it was shaking not violently but very noticeable and I've read on here with people who had similar problems and I'm hearing tons of stuff, engine...
  7. 0

    Please Help!

    I have a 2000 Ford Mustang V6 3.8L engine with a 5 speed manual transmission. We believe the car was in an accident at some point. The title says by previous state NV : rebuilt. The car shows minor quirks that resemble an accident and it seems a little loose when driving it. When driving the car...