2000 Mustang - Which torque converter do I need? (Still learning)

Hello all! I have a really worn down 2000 ford mustang that I have little choice but to repair at this point. I have a friend that will help me out with a junkyard transmission job (because I'm too afraid to royally mess something up myself and this is my only vehicle so it needs to run or I'm out of work) and since the transmission will be getting replaced (with a similar one assumedly) I figured I should replace the torque converter while it is out. My only issue is autozone pulls up 5 different options that all look mostly the same that supposedly fits my car. I don't know which one to get and tried calling around a bit but they said until I pull off the torque converter and get the code on it (which I'm sure that unless it's stamped into the metal housing then it's gone by now) they can't help me. I won't have it off until the car is apart this weekend and by then I'll be hard pressed to find a good one in stock anywhere around here. If anyone can help me figure out which one I need or how to find the code that will help figure it out that would be much appreciated! The car is your basic 2000 Ford Mustang 3.8L 6 cylinder automatic transmission car. Thanks for reading and extra thanks to anyone that can help! I'm still learning about working on cars and I may not know the proper names for parts so bear with me if I call something the wrong name in any replies.
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it doesn't matter what torque converter part number it has. Its a 4r70w trans thats all you need to know. Other than the flexplate bolt pattern which is going to be 12".

cheapest option would be to snatch the torque converter along with the trans your getting.
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