2003 ford mustang gt

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    Theft sign solid; car won’t start.

    I’m notcompletely sure what’s going on. I’m hoping it is just in need of a new battery & nothing to serious. I have 2003 Mustang GT. First, I noticed something going wrong when I would hit my brakes to slow down or holding it at a stop light my entire radio would shut of. Then as soon as I...
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    Progress Thread 2003 Ford Mustang GT Build Log

    Hi guys, I just bought my first ever new to me mustang this past weekend. A 2003 Ford Mustang GT with the manual transmission. I drove it home and immediately got to work. Known issues - CEL P0442, P0136, P0141, P0156, P0161 Interior - broken AC fans, door handles, radio turns on but has...