2005 gt

  1. SuperBobby615

    Cylinder 4 damaged

    I dropped a rod into cylinder 4 and ruined the head on that side. I've taken out the rod and the rocker and spring and disconnected the injector. Can I run on 7 cylinders? Would I be better to run on 6 for a time until I replace the engine? If so, what other cylinder should I disable? Rob
  2. SuperBobby615

    Ignition power suddenly went dead

    I have a 2005 GT manual transmission. I was driving after heavy rain when the car suddenly stopped dead. I'm getting no power to the ignition system. The only dash light is the flashing key. The battery still has power but has been running low due to a bad alternator (I think). I've gotten a...
  3. B

    I have a very different type of misfire

    So not that long ago, I ran the tank almost empty. I did not run out of fuel but I was with 6 miles. I have a 2005 Mustang GT and it’s slightly modified, so 6 miles is probably closer to 2-3 miles. Anyway, since that day, I’ve been having a horrible stutter on acceleration. It does happen at...
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    My 05 GT.... It killed Porsches....Often.