1. R


    Hi Everyone, I literally signed up for this forum, for this specific issue. I have a Mustang EcoBoost 2015. As most of you know the door is frameless (in regards to the window) which is why the window has an automatic short drop to clear the rubber lining when opening and closing the door...
  2. T

    Rag Top has a sticky residue

    My black rag top has a few lines all the way across the top that has a wet/sticky feel. I'm wondering if the mechanism that moves the top is leaking grease? Does anyone know what this could be? It is not on the interior head liner. I have treated my top with 303 specifically for convertibles.
  3. J

    Rear Facing Infant Seats In 2015-2016 Mustang?

    Hi! I am new to the forum world and have recently purchased a 2016 Mustang this year. Planning ahead, I would like some reviews and feedback regarding rear facing infant seats. Which ones have you used? Loved or hated? and Why? We tried the Chicco Keyfit 30 and it moved a lot from side to side...
  4. D

    2015 Gt Brake Noise

    Hey all, Does anyone have a 15 GT that has LOUD brake squeal? Only 9,000 miles on mine and when I stop going about 10mph it has the worst sound ever.
  5. D

    Exhaust Sve X Pipe Question

    Is anyone familiar with the SVE X pipe resonator delete for 2015+ mustangs? Thinking about getting one for my V6. Thanks!
  6. Rodrigo

    Anyone Have Stock Track Times?

    Ran my 16 GT automatic the other night. 13.04@108 and 13.05@109 were my best times with 2.0 60's. I was wondering if anyone had a chance to run their cars stock before mods
  7. Ford Mustang coming to Europe!

    Ford Mustang coming to Europe!

    Ford has unveiled 15 new or restyled vehicles for the European market that it will launch over five years to revive sales. The refreshed lineup announced Thursday includes a second-generation Kuga midsize SUV to be launched this year, as well as a new Ecosport compact SUV and the European launch...